Remember April fools?

When I said that we were moving to some random village in who-knows-where? Where people have few teeth and electricity is a new concept?


What if I told you were actually moving? Not there exactly, but…


To a building next to the kids’ school!!! No more taxi rides, no more hour-long commutes on a crowded trolley starting at 7AM. And right across the street is one of the best parks in the city – complete with a lake where we can feed ducks or take paddle boat rides, a giant playground, miniature golf, and even a real golf course.

The rooms and the kitchen in our new place are bigger, and there’s more natural light in the new place. I’ll share pictures when we get there. We’ll be downgrading from 3 balconies to 2, and only one of them is enclosed. We’re also losing our washing machine, so that will be a priority purchase.

The most interesting thing about the apartment is that we’ll be using an elevator to get to it. And this is an elevator with character. Door opens, you step over a giant gaping crack where you can see the inner workings of the thing several floors down, step into a space that snug for just two people, you push a button that’s probably older than I am, and as the doors close the lights turn off. And you’re left. In pitch black. Not sure the kids will like that.

Thankfully we’re only on the 3rd floor, so we can just as easily take the stairs if we don’t have the stroller with us. We’ll be making the move either Saturday (tomorrow?!) afternoon or Monday, so my day today will be filled with laundry and tossing things into boxes.

Have I mentioned that me and the kids are all sick? And we have plans for shashlyk tomorrow morning? It’s a busy time here in Chisinau. And no worries – I’ll tell you about shashlyk and post pictures early next week. We have to get our internet moved to the new place, so I may be offline for a few days. See you soon, from our new digs!


One thought on “Remember April fools?

  1. How many moves can you make in 6 months? I don’t know how you do it. It makes my mind crazy. I will be praying for you and so glad that You are moving on up!!!


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