Walking and crawling

Bruiser. Crazy kid. He decided after his afternoon nap (really, no more than a slightly extended blink) that today’s the day. He took his first step about a week ago and we’ve tried to get him to perform again – to no avail. But today he wanted nothing to do with this crawling stuff – he was taking 3-4 steps at a time as if it was nothin.

Around the same time, big brother and big sister decided that walking is way overrated and they started crawling. It was great fun for all – Bean and Little Man crawled around the apartment and Bruiser followed them teetering along with his slow, clumsy, but oh-so-cute near-walk. All in all, something like one step forward, two steps back at our house.

In other news, I led a discipleship group in Romanian this week. Yes, I actually led the thing. In a foreign language! It felt pretty cool to be able to sit in a group of really wonderful ladies and lead them in some really deep conversation. Great women, great time. Can’t wait to do it again this Wednesday, just hope the gift of tongues stays with me!

And lastly, I’ve learned a few more tricks this week – telecom engineering and computer repair in Russian. Don’t tell me an old dog can’t learn new tricks!


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