I’ve been sick for, well, pretty much the whole month of April. Turns out we think it was strep throat, and I bought myself some antibiotics yesterday. As of today, I am healthy! No more cough, no more sore throat – I can drink, I can stand up for more than a few minutes at a time, I can eat again… it’s a wonderful thing.

Through all of this the kids have gotten precious little attention. Hubbs was sick too, so our kids have spent a lot of time entertaining themselves. Today – feeling better – I took the kids to House of Hope and then brought them home exhausted and ready for nap time.

Bean sat down on the couch next to me, picked up a brand new book someone gave us, and my little bean started sounding out words and READING it. We’ve never read that book before. I barely started to teach her how to sound out words back when we were in an English-speaking country.

I’ve noticed her over the last month – while I’ve been sick – sitting with this book and talking to herself. I assumed she was making up stories or just purely talking to herself. But she was studying it! And teaching herself to read it!

Brilliant. Absolute genius.



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