More drama

Did I mention that Bruiser had a major seizure about 2 weeks ago on his first birthday? In fact, I think I neglected to do my typical ‘kids’ birthday’ post, because I was too busy trying to figure out how to handle his massive seizure.

Well, yesterday there were 2 of them. One at nap time (this is a first for us – we’ve never dealt with a seizure except at night) and one after bed time. His first seizure lasted well over the 3 minute threshold. Had I not been so confused that it was broad daylight and this was happening, I would have given him the diazepam when I noticed the seizure signs. As it was, I was convinced it was just a nightmare or tummy ache. After all, my kids only have seizures at night. (Until now.)

His evening seizure was typical, but also lasted longer than we’re used to. By the time we got the diazepam out and ready the seizure was ending. Today hubbs is making all the necessary calls to get us in to see one of the top pediatric neurologists here. Hopefully we’ll have our appointment for tomorrow.

It looks like Bruiser may be headed for the same type of sedating anti-seizure meds Little Man was on for so long. I hate to medicate him with something like that, but we’ll do what we have to do to stop the seizures. Thankfully we have access to some of the best doctors here, and they’re dirt cheap.


4 thoughts on “More drama

  1. Thanks for the prayers. I’m so thankful for our pediatric neurologist back in Atlanta – he’s wonderful. I emailed him this morning and he’s already gotten back to me. God has surrounded us with good people.


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