Your Gorgeous of Highness

I’ve been sick for most of April. Today I think there’s a chance that I might start feeling better before 2012 – and I’m seriously looking at using some traditional Moldovan remedies. Something about slathering honey all over your back and covering it with fresh cabbage… Haven’t done it yet, but if I don’t get well soon I’ll be ready to try anything.

The kids have been mostly immune to all this. Bruiser has had a runny nose and a bit of a cough, but otherwise they’ve been fine. This morning in fact, while hubbs and I were still mostly comatose as the sun rose, Little Man and Bean were playing hide and seek. They played really well together until Bruiser came in and started scouting out their hiding places, Little Man got mad at Bean because she came out of hiding when Bruiser found her (Little Man was supposed to be the seeker). And so in his angriest and most serious voice he said to her:

No! Your Gorgeous of Highness, you MUST keep hiding!

That’s a title I’d prefer him to reserve for me, but hey, I’m not complaining.


Here they are playing in the the bed of a lake… There’s a an archeological dig there that we went to see and we just couldn’t go without taking our trusty shield with us.


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