There is a hushed fear. An eery bewilderment. The people in power seem to recognize no law.


Yesterday there were allegedly Russian and Transnistrian (breakaway region of Moldova) plain-clothes officers beating and ‘kidnapping’ peaceful protesters and bystanders. Regardless of who they were, there was nothing official about them.


Communists seem to have instigated the violence they blame on the student protesters.


Authorities have used these events to distance the nation from Romania – with whom we share a language, culture, and history.


Hubbs and I stand next to this, but outside it as well. We know participants, but we don’t take part. We’re miles away from all the action and we know what we would risk if we took part. At the same time, we’re emotionally distanced from it. As opposed to most of our Moldovan friends and relatives, we can leave at any time. The nation is important to us, but our life also includes the US. We are not ‘stuck,’ as many others feel to be. In fact, the border with Romania is now closed, as it was to the Soviet Union. There is so much now that hearkens back to those times.

We are glad that we stand outside it, that we have nothing to fear. And we are glad that we are here to share the good news of a God who is truly soveriegn with our neighbors and friends. We have a peace that lasts, regardless of our circumstances.



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