100 Things (truncated)

I did this ages ago, but in reading through it I found that it’s almost entirely inapplicable to my current life. So here we go again.

  1. I live in Chisinau, Moldova.
  2. I speak fluent Romanian and I’m getting my Russian back.
  3. I think it’s bizarre to be able to talk about important things in 3 languages.
  4. My personality comes out a little different depending on the language I’m speaking.
  5. I need to work on my Russian personality – it’s mean.
  6. My Romanian is the opposite – it turns me into a super-polite doormat.
  7. Chisinau is a very walkable city – and I love that. Long walks in spring can’t be beat.
  8. I spend my days waiting for the baby to wake up, or waiting for the baby to go to sleep.
  9. It seems that most of my schedule revolves around his sleep schedule.
  10. Thankfully there’s plenty to do while I wait – floors to be mopped and swept, clothes to be laundered and hung to dry, a tub to be scrubbed, and blogs to be written.
  11. I find it very difficult to be a pastor’s wife.
  12. A lot of people expect the pastor’s wife to be perfect.
  13. I’m far from that. (shh… don’t tell!)
  14. I’m an orange juice snob.
  15. I grew up in Florida and my favorite OJ is Tropicana Grovestand. If you don’t have to chew it, it’s not good OJ.
  16. I’m also an ice cream connoisseur.
  17. Turkish ice cream leaves much to be desired.
  18. But Moldovan Plombir – that’s good stuff. If only they had chunky monkey flavor.
  19. I love to cook.
  20. And knit.
  21. And sew.
  22. I like to make things.
  23. I really wish there were more fresh fruits and veggies available year-round in Chisinau.
  24. Root veggies get a little boring after a few months.
  25. I would give my right leg for some fresh guacamole right now. I’ve been told there’s one store here that sells tortilla chips – chips and guac. mmm…
  26. My little girl is into Barbie these days.
  27. Barbie creeps me out.
  28. Knock-off barbies creep me out even more.
  29. I live in Europe and I’m itching to travel through more of it.
  30. Train tickets are expensive. So are flight tickets.
  31. Ditto hotels.
  32. And having 3 kids 5 and under makes it a wee bit tricky to run off and travel.
  33. People in Chisinau think I’m crazy – why would someone have 3 whole children that close together? Must be certifiable.
  34. Whenever I’m out with all 3 of them old ladies gently touch my shoulder and whisper, “poor mama, poor mama.”
  35. I try to correct them – “this mama is blessed!”
  36. Then they think I should be hauled off to the looney bin.

Note: This is as far as I got before saving as “draft” in 2009. In 2011 I found it, nearly deleted it all and started over, but then thought this would be good to save for posterity’s sake. So here you go.


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