Little Man

… Is potty-trained!!! No more diapers! We’re down to only 1 child in diapers now, and I actually had delusions of trying to potty train him early (at just shy of a year old… delusional).

And he doesn’t answer to his name anymore. I can call it out over and over and over again and get no response. But the moment I call out “Super Man” he drops whatever he’s doing and responds with, “Yes, Wonder Woman?” Or if it’s hubbs who called him, “Yes, Firestorm?”

He’s taught the people at his preschool the English words “bread” and “cookie.” In fact, the lunch box I sent with him, packed with nutritious foods and a little snack used to come home empty. Then it started coming home virtually untouched. Now it comes home with other things added – like different breads and cookies. He gets enough bread and cookies to feed a small army.

And he got a new stuffed puppy. He’s really attached to his stuffed puppies. He named his new puppy King-king. Cute name for a puppy, until you hear Little Man running all over the house yelling “Kinky!  Kinky!”

And we gave him a hair cut. He cried through the whole thing, but he’s well aware now that he’s “vewy, vewy, handsome.”



2 thoughts on “Little Man

  1. Matthew and Liam would be good friends! My son likes to be called “Matt the firefighter” It’s the only way he will be Matt. Otherwise he’s Matthew or Matty. But he is very into Superman lately as well, so would appreciate that about Liam! Congrats on the potty training! So wonderful!!!!


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