Psalm 91. Bean’s class is memorizing it. In Romanian. They already have the Lord’s Prayer memorized. In Romanian. They recite it each morning. From memory. Can I just say that these little 4 and 5 year olds put me to shame? No way I’d be able to do that.

Regardless, here we go, teaching our 4-year old Psalm 91. In Romanian – with words like rasplatirea and nenorocire. After that we get to work on handwriting. Because I looked at all the other kids’ little notebooks, and they have page after page dedicated to writing each letter perfectly. As in, a whole page of s after s after s after s – all the way across a line, and on every line below it. A whole page of s. And another for every other letter. Perfect little handwritten s’s and m’s and everything else. Did I mention that this is preschool and she’s 4 years old?

Seriously, folks. I’m going to have to borrow someone’s caiet and scan a page for you to see this craziness. The good news? When we eventually get back to the US, she’ll have perfect handwriting, she’ll have memorized epic poems and about 1/3 of the Bible, and she’ll be doing statistics and trig while her American classmates are working on x + 4=7. She’ll probably have found a cure for cancer by then, and she’ll be able to reverse engineer a glazovykoloopovatelnytsa. Of course, she won’t be able to write an essay or do a book report to save her life – they don’t really do those here. But who needs that when she can build a nuclear reactor and calculate 27 to the 9th degree in her head?


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