Scenes from Moldova


The view from one of our windows. Behind the blue gate is an orphanage run by the Orthodox Church. I walk past the orphanage daily. See boys out playing in the yard occasionally, and priests and nuns coming and going. There are always clothes hanging on the line, but I wonder every time I walk past what happens inside the walls. One day I’ll get up the nerve to walk in. When that happens, I’ll share their needs with you. My fear is that once I walk in the door I won’t be able to walk back out without extra children attached to me.

img_0073Here’s Sofia sleeping in her preschool. They have naptime from 1-3 and there’s a cool row of drawers against the wall. Each drawer is a trundle bed. Very cool.

img_2898What might look like shanty-town to the untrained eye is actually the dwelling of the priviledged. Something like the emergence of suburbia. Communism brought huge, imposing apartment buildings in cities for two reasons – first, it’s simply practical. Make efficient use of space by housing as many people as possible in looming apartment buildings with itty-bitty apartments crammed together. Secondly though, it was also for the sake of an imposing, impressive presence. When you walk into a city like Chisinau (where we are) or Kiev or Moscow, the architecture of the apartment buildings will give you pause. Often grey, utilitarian, each nearly identical to the next, and massive. It’s enough to make you feel small. When the commuists replaced God with government, they replaced the awe of His creation with giant structures. And so, these little houses dotting the city are examples of affluence – private land, fenced in, a roof shared with no one else.


One thought on “Scenes from Moldova

  1. I just wanted you to know that I love reading about your adventures and I’m always inspired by what you have to say. Thanks for being who you are in the world! 🙂


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