Oh Dear God What Have I Done To My Children?????

I woke them up at 6:30 this morning. (I WOKE them up! They who wake me at sunrise!) Fed them. Dressed them. Put Bean’s hair in a cute little braid. Prepared their backpacks and lunches. And then. At 8AM I. left. them. At preschool. Until. 3PM. where. no. one. speaks. English.

THEY CAN’T TALK TO THEIR TEACHERS!!! Ok. So Bean can probably manage. She knows how to ask someone to play with her, how to ask for a drink, ask for help… she’ll manage. Little Man, on the other hand, won’t even say his name if asked. Did I mention they’ll be there for 7 hours??? ACCKKKK!!!!! I’ll update you later and let you know they survived.


2 thoughts on “Oh Dear God What Have I Done To My Children?????

  1. Thank you Alexandru! You would think so, wouldn’t you? There used to be one that the Embassy kids all attended, but it’s closed now. Business idea for when you take your leave of the ivory tower???


  2. Isn’t there an English pre-school in Chisinau? You’d think there are enough expats to create sufficient demand (plus, I’m sure the privileged locals wouldn’t mind their kids learning English since 3-4)…


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