This was our day. Those fuzzy white lines? Those are the bars on the windows. It really does make me feel rather like I’m imprisoned. Between that and the drizzly cold rain and gobs of mud, we stayed in most of the day. But, this afternoon a friend Nancy picked us up and took us to the House of Hope. It was my first time there, and it’s deep. It’s a house for women who have been trafficked, with a vision to provide them with short-term healing and long-term restoration.

The building is gorgeous – by Moldovan standards it’s a little mansion on the outskirts of town. Heated tile flooring, a kitchen to make a suburban housewife drool, and enough space to house 10+ women comfortably. It’s really nice. I met one of the young ladies who lives there, and her 3-year old daughter. The 3-year old kept trying to carry Bean (1 month shy of 5) down the stairs – it was funny. She played well with Bean and Little Man and she was completely intrigued by Bruiser. Mom was pretty shy, and from what I understand she doesn’t handle strangers well. It took her a while to come out and say hello, but once she did she hung out with me and the kids for quite some time.

The issues there are complicated and the house is still in start-up phase, working out issues and looking forward to growth. I was really pleased with our visit, primarily because the kids had such a good time. There are a few toys there, and lots of space to run and play. That means they can come with me and hang out with the little girl there. The only catch is Bruiser – the house is entirely un-baby-proofed. Tile stairs all over the place, outlets right at his level, crayons and choking hazards all over the place. It’ll be fun.


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