Medical care

We’ve navigated the medical care system here quite a bit. All three kids had colds when we arrived, Owen had an ear infection, then a seizure… It’s been interesting. And while things like food and clothes are hugely expensive here, medical costs are low.

We took all 3 kids to be seen by a pediatrician the first week we were here. Three doctor visits, one including a blood test, all for an underwhelming $12. Then Owen developed his ear infection. We called the pediatrician back and told her the symptoms. She sent us to the pharmacy to get over the counter antibiotics – the same that our pediatrician in the states usually prescribed for ear infections. The cost for that? $3.50.

The pediatric neurologist would have been a $50 copay in the states. Here? Free. And we have no medical insurance. We’ll have to get into the obligatory state-supported health insurance. And that will probably cost us a yearly fee of about $7.50. And then as long as we go to our ‘local’ doctor all visits will be free. Going to someone else will cost. Somewhere in the range of $5. I love this country!

I’m not going to make a political statement about socialized healthcare, but I will say that here in Moldova, it works well. I’m loving our socialized health care.


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