Wanna laugh?

It’s been fun being here in Moldova again. I haven’t spoken Russian in 5 years now, but I’m struggling through.

I went to the store yesterday to buy cereal for Bruiser. Infant cereal. Seems easy enough, right? Well, the store I happened to go to had its entire aisle of baby stuff in Russian only. That’s a little strange here. I’m used to seeing things in Russian and Romanian, and my Romanian skills are much more manageable than my Russian. Anyhow, I stood there in the baby aisle ‘reading’ Russian, looking for oatmeal or rice cereal. 3 different brands to choose from, tons of varieties. I was encouraged – a little frustrated that my Russian wasn’t better, but encouraged at the variety. So I carefully ‘read’ the boxes until I found exactly what I wanted – Oatmeal cereal for babies.

I got home with it, proudly showed it off to hubbs. Look! I bought oatmeal cereal! I even managed to read the Russian and find what I needed! Hubbs starts to giggle. My pride begins to falter. Finally he says it, “How did you mistake vegetable fish soup for oatmeal cereal?”

Hm. In case you were wondering, my 10-month old baby happens to like vegetable fish soup, even though I can’t stand the smell of it…


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