Good people

Sometimes when you read the news you wonder what’s wrong with people. Sometimes it seems like everyone’s messed up. You look at the headlines and wonder what this world is coming to.

But sometimes things go right. Hubbs took me out to breakfast this morning for Valentine’s Day. When we came home we went about our (very hectic) business – packing to move overseas in 3 days. And then this evening I couldn’t find my purse, but no worries. I figured it must be hiding under a box or stack of something or other – after all, with no furniture left in the house there are stacks and piles  of ‘stuff’ everywhere. We got a call around 9PM from Starbucks, where we had breakfast. They’d found my purse and wanted to return it, and they’d tried all day to find a way to contact me. When we went to get it do you know what I found? Everything. $80 cash in the wallet. My Ipod. My daughter’s toddler bling necklace. My credit cards. Another $20 in a pocket. People are good.

Over the past week my friends have come alongside me to help me pack. They’ve packed for me. They’ve moved furniture. They’ve hauled away my Goodwill donations. People are good.

Friends have loaned us pack-n-plays, shopped second-hand stores for suitcases and snow boots, brought us food, fed us in their homes. Strangers have helped us settle my in-laws in their new digs. People are so good.

This experience of moving across the world has been so good. We’ve seen people come together and shower us with kindness. It’s heart-warming. Thank you to all the people who have come alongside us and helped smooth the transition. It’s been a blessing.


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