Changes are a-comin’

Hubbs and I have announced to our friends and family some Big News, and now I get to share it with the blogosphere.  Things have happened over the last few months that have led us to the decision to return to Moldova. Our timetable is still up in the air, but most likely we’ll be leaving our home here in Atlanta in early February. We’re leaving behind friends and family, and that separation is bound to be painful. Regardless, we know that we are smack in the center of God’s will for our family, and there is no better place to be. Moldova boasts fewer conveniences, but what it lacks in conveniences it makes up for with a slower pace of life, enriched with strong ties and vital, dynamic ministry opportunities.

I expect to be mostly absent from the blog until then, but I plan to pick it back up with gusto when we arrive in Moldova – and I’ll share all kinds of wacky stories about living in a foreign country. If you want more info about it, hubbs and I have a blog devoted to the move and the ministry opportunities we’ll be participating in.


4 thoughts on “Changes are a-comin’

  1. We are going to really miss you but at least we can keep in touch through the wonderful world or the web.


  2. wow, so exciting! i know you will be busy! what does that mean for your in-laws and your business? best wishes and i will keep updated via your sites!


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