Public service announcement

Just to let you all know, Lowe’s is having an incredible sale. Clearance. The kind of which to write home about. For instance, I saw a yellow clearance tag on a rotating tree stand. Apparently it keeps the chords on the lights from getting tangled while it rotates. On sale for only $79.99! Considering that the regular price is $80.00, that means you save one red cent! That’s 0.0125% off!


Let’s think of all the things you can do with that penny.

  1. Make a wish in a fountain.
  2. Purchase 2 grains of rice.
  3. Buy enough gas to get your car’s bumper out of your garage.
  4. Make a spinner (hold penny between your thumb and forefinger, set on flat surface, spin…)
  5. Get together 99 other people who saved a penny and purchase one item at the dollar store. Then split it 100 ways.
  6. Make a decision (heads or tails?)
  7. Put it in an empty oatmeal canister to make a shaker.
  8. Do a lame party trick – flip one penny from your elbow to your hand. It’s more impressive if you can save a stack of quarters to do it with though.
  9. Glue it to the pavement in a parking lot and watch people try unsuccessfully to pick it up.

Oh, rats! (Deanna?) Now that I told you about the incredible sale, they may be sold out before I have a chance to take advantage of it!


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