Christmas ideas?

So, seeing as how the economy is tanking, does anyone have ideas for a cheap low-cost Christmas? I guess it’s not just about the economy being awful, but we’re also hoping to teach our kids that Christmas isn’t about getting presents. As such, here are the presents I was thinking about: (why does it always come down to presents???)

  • Bean loves to draw and she has a huge stack of drawings in her closet. I thought I’d take them to Kinkos and have them bound into a book. Accompany that with a new sketchbook and colored pencils. Maybe even draw her a picture from me… As a bonus she’ll learn that it’s okay not to excel at something (as I am not gifted in the visual arts)
  • Little Man loves his puppies (and occasionally really loves certain toy trains and cars). I thought about knitting him a cute backpack to carry his stuff in – but I’m afraid I’ll end up knitting like mad Christmas eve trying desperately to hit a deadline that’s impossible…
  • Bruiser just likes to teethe on things. And besides, babies like empty boxes better than anything else, so I think I can handle this one.

I won’t talk about hubbs, since he’s bound to read this. I’ll just put some coal in his stocking. Or maybe snowman poop (**marshmallows**). hee, hee….  Te iubesc, dragule!


4 thoughts on “Christmas ideas?

  1. I’m always a fan of giving books. And you can find nearly-new ones at thrift stores for much cheaper then new.
    If Bean has all those drawings, you might be able to use them as gifts to grandparents. A few inexpensive frames and so cardstock for matting, and you can give each grandparent a frame art work. It won’t cost much and it’s not something they can ever buy themselves. 😀 ~ L


  2. I have been working on a set of play food made out of felt for Dahlia. I think I posted it on my
    blog some time ago! I think with the food she might also get a 4 cup coffee maker (from the thrift store)
    because she LOVES to make coffee. I figure a broken one from goodwill is cheaper than buying one of the new play kitchen ones and I’m just going to cut off the cord.

    I think I will spend the money and get a small shopping cart for her “groceries” which are cardboard boxes
    from food we’ve already eaten (fruit bars, mac and cheese).

    I think the ideas you have are really good!! I think children really need to know that it’s not all about the ggifts. Luckily, Dahlia isn’t old enough yet to remember past Christmases! I’ve got a few more years! 🙂


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