Little Man tells a story

One day… there were two thunders… and they were riding in a … FIRE TRUCK!!! Woo – ooo   Woo – ooo Woo – ooo (Pause to run in circles making ‘thunder’ gestures with arms) And then… They wanted to play! … With… ME! The two thunders wanted to play TRAINS with me! The end.

And one day… there were two lightnings! (Pause to run around in circles while ‘blinking’ fists and yelling “Blinky! Blinky! Blinky!”) And the two lightnings… Oh! Look at that leaf! (Wanders off to look at a leaf. And then a blade of grass. At which point he finds an ant… )


2 thoughts on “Little Man tells a story

  1. So cute! Of course the story would involve firetrucks! My students could learn a thing or two from this weaver of tales


  2. Excellent stories. I like the accompaning sound effects and motions. It’s much for lively that way. He is just too cute! ~ L


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