Liam: “Will you marry me?”

Bean: “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

I just witnessed a proposal and engagement in my living room. Followed by whirlwind wedding planning. I guess no one’s told them that brothers and sisters can’t gett married.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too worried. This was all stemmed by a discussion on the playground at preschool. Bean’s best friend asked her who she wanted to marry. Bean replied, “Well, you!” The little girl laughed and informed Bean that she has to marry a boy. I didn’t find that conversation all too strange, but what was strange was being at a birthday party for a kid in Liam’s 2-yr old class and listening to the parents go on and on about which kids had crushes on whom and who might end up marrying one day… Is it just me, or is that a little young to be arranging marriages?


2 thoughts on “Aw…

  1. I agree it is too young to be arranging marriages and any way arranged marriages are sooooo yesterday.


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