MMM… the smell of fall

I just pulled two loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread out of the oven. Wait, let me rename it… Divine melt-in-your-mouth goondess… Food of the gods… Scrumptiousness waiting to be devoured… You should smell my house now.

Two days ago I made cinamon apples on the stove. That was a good day too. My mouth waters at the thought of walking into my house…

If you want your home to smell good, ditch the air freshners – they increase the rate of headaches, ear infections, and gastrointestinal distress in babies. Instead, put something yummy in your oven. Oh, it’s good.


3 thoughts on “MMM… the smell of fall

  1. Is there nothing I won’t add chocolate chips to? Yes, Deanna… I confess. I added about a cup of mini chocolate chips to the recipe. I highly recommend it. Then again, I highly recommend adding chocolate chips to just about anything.


  2. There are chocolate chips in this one? Cause that sounds awesome, but I don’t see them in the recipe. I think I have all of the ingredients though…


  3. MMM I am on my way over. I have also been baking I made beer bread to go along with the chili and I am on my way to make the third banana bread, and the hubby has been cooking in the cast iron on the open fire. yes fall smells good.


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