Ding, dong, Thing 1 is gone…

Thing 1’s live-in nanny job starts today. So now we’re down to me & hubbs, our 3 babes, and Thing 2. One down,  one to go. I told Bean today that when she comes home from school Thing 1 will be gone, and I kind of expected a somewhat sad reaction. After all, Thing 1 has tried – with good success – to bond with Bean over the last week. But apparently it didn’t make the impression I’d hoped. Bean is THRILLED about the news. Maybe we need to have another talk about unconditional love and being kind.

Thing 1 came to me this morning to praise me for having patience with her these last 10 months (not that I’m counting, but really we’re just 9 days shy of 11 months). She said that in Moldova there’s a saying that mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law should always be separated. I resisted the urge to tell her that we have our own saying here… “Can’t live with her, can’t shoot her.”

I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet, and the general stress that will be gone. More than that, I’m hoping Thing 1 has a very smooth transition and is able to ‘detox’ from the situation we’ve had here. It’s been hard for her, and hopefully getting out from under our roof will give her some space, some independence, and a renewed perspective. Good for everyone, right?

Now, on to party planning…


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