Revisiting last year’s drama

This time last year we were putting poor Liam through ER visits, MRIs, EEGs, learning about brain tumors (benign), arachnoid cysts, epilepsy… Well, a couple weeks ago Bruiser had a seizure. So here we go again.

We saw the neurologist today, for both boys. Liam is doing well – no change since his last appointment, and we’ve past the 1 year mark – 1 year seizure free!  Yippee! 1 more year without seizures and we can try to wean him from his meds. As for Owen though, we’ll have to put him through an EEG and an MRI. Seems a little tough for a wee 5 month old. It’s funny though. This time I’m going into it expecting good results. Last year I expected good results because of the old addage “It can’t happen to me” (but it did), this time I’m expecting good results because lightning doesn’t strike twice. Really, what are the chances I’d have 2 boys with tumors?

So now we wait.

3 thoughts on “Revisiting last year’s drama

  1. I have just been catching up on your blog, and will belatedly start praying about this.

    And I will respond to your email! Thank you for writing “as a friend;” I appreciated that. I will tell you the whole story soon.



  2. Oh, on if you need any thing just let me know and Xavier and I will say and extra prayer in the morning with our breakfast.


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