Crucifix confusion

Bean came home from preschool the other day crying. After many, many probing questions she finally revealed that she was upset because of the picture of the man who got hurt. Soon I found out that the mystery man got hurt with ‘a white thing’, i.e., cross. It was a crucifix, a picture of Christ. I quickly suppressed the urge to calm her fears with something to the effect of, oh, that happened a long time ago, or worse, don’t worry, he didn’t really get hurt…

Instead I thought quickly and explained that it was a picture of Jesus and he got hurt on that cross because he loves us so much. That he loves us so much that he was willing to get hurt like that so that we won’t have to. Rather simplified, but nonetheless theologically sound enough for a 4-yr old. I thought propitiation for our sins and double imputation were concepts a little large for her developing mind.

Then I went home to read the Passion retold in the Jesus Storybook Bible. It is by far the best children’s Bible I’ve ever seen, and it’s the best place to research how to tell the story to young ears.


2 thoughts on “Crucifix confusion

  1. We love that Bible in our house! I will never forget when Kate was an older two or barely three and started crying in the car spontaneously. “I don’t want to die!” “I don’t want you to die either, sweetheart, you will probably live a long time before you die, but everyone does die.” “But I don’t want to die on a cross!” She had gotten the impression that everyone died on a cross, since Jesus’ death was the only one that was described to her. Oops.


  2. Propitiation for our sins and double imputation are concepts a little large for MY
    developing mind.

    I think I need that Storybook Bible!


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