Ah, bliss…

Thing 1 and Thing 2 had a fight, so we’ve sent Thing 1 to stay with a friend of ours for a few days. Sweet, sweet bliss. The tension has dispelled and the whole home seems to be functioning much healthier. *happy sigh*

And, my trip to LA was fabulous. I watched a chick flick I’d never heard of on the way there, and then we spent Wednesday evening wandering around Downtown Disney. I missed my kids like you wouldn’t believe! After a good (but short and jetlagged) sleep, we hopped in the car and drove through ridiculous traffic to Santa Monica pier, winding down Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd. I tried to dip my toes in the Pacific at the beach but I ended up in very cold ocean up to my knees.

We had a late brunch at the restaurant at the Getty Museum and then spent the early afternoon oogling Monet, Da Vinvi, Renoir, and Degas to name a few. It was hands down the best museum I’ve been to. The collection isn’t huge, but it’s impressive. And the architecture is designed so that while exploring the masterpieces, you’re also led outside to balconies overlooking Hollywood hills, where on a clear day you can see all the way out to the Pacific. It’s pretty amazing.

From there we went to Burbank to sit in the audience for a taping of the Tonight Show – again, impressive. Jamie Lee Curtis, some football player, and the band… Loved it. Dinner in Hollywood’s oldest restaurant. By about 10 AM I was no longer pining for my kids – I was caught up in the day and all our activities. It was an awesome day.


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