~*Giggle, snicker*~

I had a hard time a year ago leaving my groovy, super-cool silver Subaru SUV as a trade in for a white, unoriginal, nondescript, suburbanite soccer-mom minivan. Sure, over the last year we’ve established a beautiful, functional, relationship and I don’t know what I’d do without my mom-mobile. The 7 of us wouldn’t fit into the old SUV.

But you can imagine my inner giggle when I realized that the cool RACECAR Little Man has been referring to over the last week or so is actually my minivan! “Hey mama, I see our RACECAR!” “I want to push the RACECAR button!” (referring to the unlock button on the key fob) and “Can we go in the RACECAR?”

So, for all you naysayers who think minivans are the epitome of boring people movers, mine has just been upgraded.


One thought on “~*Giggle, snicker*~

  1. Hee hee! I just recently became a soccer-mom-mobile driver myself. In the same week, DH and I got a minivan and a station wagon. Suddenly, we knew we had just joined the ranks of uncool responsible grownups everywhere. But after a few weeks of driving the van, I’m wondering how I lived without it! I love it! Go race car, go!


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