Meet Rover

The time has come. We have a puppy. Or, at least, Little Man thinks we do. His name is Rover and he’s super shiny and soft with a very bright coat. He’s house trained, doesn’t bark, and incredibly low maintenance. And he’s from Talbot’s and has such nice beads. What more could I ask? Here’s his picture:

Little Man is very attached to him. But please don’t break the news to him – he’d be devastated to hear that his new puppy is really a ladie’s fashion accessory whose home is in Bean’s dress-up box. Rover used to be a jump rope, and before that he was a prop for Bean’s dancing.

Little Man decided to teach Rover how to jump today too. He didn’t quite get it that when a dog jumps his hind legs stay put and his front legs go up. Little Man had it a little backwards. We’ll just be thankful that Rover won’t jumping at all any time in the foreseeable future.

And while Little Man was busy petting and admiring Rover today, Bean kept herself busy dismantling and repairing Rover’s primary mode of transportation. At least we know that if her career choice of Princess of a Very Big Castle doesn’t work out, she can always become a mechanic.


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