Need I say more? And apparently to get rid of them I won’t just be washing kids’ hair and nit picking for the next week, I’ll also be washing all the sheets daily and vacuuming all carpets and furniture. Daily. So, don’t expect to see me around much. But if you want to stop by for a visit, our house will be cleaner than it’s ever been before in 7-14 days. A silver lining on every cloud, right?


3 thoughts on “Lice.

  1. ((((HUGS)))) Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I ended up buzzing my boys heads and slathering mayonaisse on my girls hair, wrapping in towels and leaving on for several hours. We did that every other day for 2 weeks (get the big thing of mayo from Gordon’s or Sam’s). Oh yeah, plus the nit check. :o(


  2. Oh NO!!!!! That is terrible!!!!

    Do you need an extra couple of hair nets from the dairy? I think I have 2. Quarantine those little heads!!!


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