On dating…

First of all, let me just say that I’m thrilled that I still have 10 years before I start really thinking about this. In the meantime, I heard an awesome idea on the radio and I have to share it. In one family, the dad takes out his daughters on their first date. No, I don’t mean that he chaperones (though I wouldn’t be terribly opposed to that). He actually asks her out on her first date before she starts dating.

He comes to the door with flowers, takes her out to dinner, opens doors for her, the whole chivalrous shabang. And at the end he tells her that this is how a lady should be treated, and if she’s ever out with a boy who treats her any less, call dad and he’ll come pick her up.

That’s what was on the radio. But I think moms should do the same for their sons – have their sons take mom on a date and teach their sons how to treat a lady. The idea behind it is that teens need to learn how to go on a date, how to treat each other and how they can expect to be treated. If mom and dad don’t teach them, then they’ll learn it from their peers – and then you have no control over what they learn.

So, I have 10 years to figure this out. Or maybe I can stretch that out a bit… She doesn’t really need to start dating until she’s in college, right?


3 thoughts on “On dating…

  1. As I recall, your Dad used to say you couldn’t date until you were 21, but we both know that didn’t happen. I think this is a great idea. And you’re right, it’s the parents who do the teaching, and not just thru instruction…. but by “walking the walk and talking the talk”. So young parents out there, does hubby still open the doors for you and treat you the way he did when you were dating????? He should. Little eyes are watching.


  2. I was 15 (almost 16) when I went on my first date. I married the guy! 😉

    This is a great idea, I hopefully have 14 years before having to worry about it!! Thank you for sharing this!


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