Witches, redemption, and other oddities

From our conversations:

Bean: “Mama, you were a witch yesterday.”

Me: “Huh? Did you have a bad dream last night?”

“No, mama. When you were putting us to bed and you told me to stop jumping. You were a witch.”

Later that day:

Bean: “Mama, what’s this money for?” (she found a nickel.)

Little Man: “Redemption!”

Me: “Did you just say redemption?”

Little Man: “Yeah, redemption! It’s for redemption!”

And, one of those things I never thought I’d hear myself say:

“Stop licking your sister! No! Don’t lick my jeans either!”


One thought on “Witches, redemption, and other oddities

  1. Um… you might want to check into that whole witch thing? That had to come from somewhere…

    And redemption? weee-ohd!


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