It begins…

For the first time they’ve asked for a pet. I can just see it. (Imagine wavy dream sequence)

It starts innocently enough, a trip to petsmart for a goldfish and fish bowl. But we can’t resist the cute little aqueous play park for our new friend. Before long Goldy needs a fishy friend. And then 2. And then more friends of the non-gold variety. As our fishies pass on to the fishy netherworld we conduct hours upon hours of research to find which fish have the longest lifespan, are hardiest, and bring the most spectator-fun. 50 cent goldfish make way for $400 rare species with a multiplicity of colors and abilities. Surely we need a playscape complete with live starfish, pearl weilding oysters, and some type of Aquarium-worthy super water filtration contraption that’s synchronized to our home’s wi-fi network and satellite uplinked. Before long we have a giant fish tank built into the wall complete with every species of tropical fun-filled fish we can find at local specialty fish stores and we’re making major life decisions based on the health and well-being of what started as one unassuming goldfish.

Note to self: Sock puppets make great kid companions.


One thought on “It begins…

  1. Too funny. We have a goldfish from WalMart that is over 4 years old. My mom bought 2 for Ashlyn with the thought that she’d enjoy them for awhle and then they’d pass on to “fishy heaven.” Not so for our BigOne. He even survived the move to MN 🙂


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