Ballet update

Well, class #3 went better than expected. Not only did Bean walk out happy, but she said the teacher didn’t yell, and when we got home she was able to show us first position, second position, and plie. I think I’ll just back off. I’ll keep talking to her about handling tough situations, but I’ll let her take this one herself. When fall comes though, I’ll be looking for a new ballet school.


2 thoughts on “Ballet update

  1. Maybe another parent spoke up? I’m guessing if the teacher was yelling then all the kids were probably
    having a hard time with it.

    I’m so glad that it’s working out better and that you are a strong mom that can not only LET your child
    go through difficult situations but teach her an amazing lesson at the same time.

    Good job Super Mom. Wear your S proudly!


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