In bed

I’m in bed with mastitis. Oh, the fun… the fever… the body aches… And this coincided exactly with Bean finding my Cooking for Kids cookbook, complete with all sorts of party cakes and fun cookies, with pictures of each one.

Fridays are dessert night in our house, and Bean has been approaching everyone in the house and asking them to pick out their favorite cake. Apparently she thinks Mama’s going to jump out of her feverish bed rest to whip up a pirate treasure chest cake, a clown cake, or a dreidle cake for dessert night tonight. (I was thinking something more along the lines of break and bake cookies.) When I told Bean that I’m too sick to make a cake like that tonight her response was “That’s okay. Tata can do it.” (She calls dad Tata – it’s Romanian. Lest there be any confusion, yes my children all speak Romanian and English. Yes, they are geniuses. And no, I’m not biased at all.)  So, she now has it in her mind that Tata is going to make some sort of fancy-schmancy homemade cake in the form of a dinosaur or an angel. I guess all girls think there’s nothing their daddies can’t do.


One thought on “In bed

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a picture of whatever they come up with!!!!! Since meeting your wonderful
    husband (and learning about his new skill of making garlic bread) I just HAVE to see this one! I bet
    it would be fun!!!!


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