Nutritional advice

Conversation at dinner last night:

I. don’t. want. that. (Little Man)

But, don’t you want to grow big and strong? (Bean)

NO. (Little Man)

But it has protein, and that gives you strong muscles! You should eat it. (Bean)

He still didn’t eat, but I was so proud of my little girl! Now, if only I knew where she learned all that… Of course, she didn’t eat hers either, but it’s the thought that counts. Maybe. (Are there any other children out there who refuse to eat spaghetti, of all things?)


3 thoughts on “Nutritional advice

  1. Have you tried Spaghetti with other toppings than tomato sauce? Plain, butter, pesto? Try it cold
    with italian dressing and toss in some veggies (tomatoes, cucumber, snap peas). That’s one of my

    Other than that I can’t help you. Dahlia loves what she calls “ba-sa-ka-betti”.


  2. Oh my gosh! Little Man LOVES broccoli! I have to make broccoli or peas almost every night – just so that the kids will have something to eat!


  3. YES. THERE ARE. The Boy around this house now lives off of the occasional cheerio, pretzels, fruit snacks, and MAYBE a fruit bar now and then.

    But I keep making full meals…as I’ve been advised…

    Eating for two takes on a new meaning. I’m eating what’s on my plate, and then his…so I don’t waste it.

    Weird thing is, he’ll eat broccoli until the cows come home. Wonder how broccoli would be for breakfast??


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