We’re in Florida!!!

Well, I didn’t churn my own butter or papier mache a lifesize replica of Michaelangelo’s David, but I did load a preschooler, a toddler, and a newborn into the suburban taxi minivan and drive (9.5 hours!) to Florida.

Here we are at my parents’ house (sans my wonderful hubby, who’s unfortunately on a business trip). We’re off to the beach tomorrow, so today’s activities involve shopping for pails and shovels, watermelon, and other beach items to keep the troops happy in the 95+ degree heat.

Hubbs will join us on Thursday, so we’re hoping to do another beach outing over the weekend before we undertake the long drive home. What a mighty good man! He drove down with me, only to fly up north for his trip. And he’ll fly back down here so I don’t have to make the drive alone. What a mighty good man.

As for my in-laws? They’re home alone for the very first time since they immigrated here. I left them well-stocked with all the food they could possibly need (including homemade bread and jam, a slew of pears, and a fresh artichoke that they will no doubt ponder if it’s really edible), but I’m looking forward to seeing how they managed with their imposed self-reliance. Maybe it was just the push they needed to feel comfortable taking bigger steps toward independence…


One thought on “We’re in Florida!!!

  1. I am so glad that in-laws are at home!!! They need to be independent…
    I think they will miss you!!!


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