Big bellied mama

We’re getting ready for a beach outing tomorrow and Bean asked today – very politely, I might add – which swimsuit I’ll wear. We launched into a discussion about swimsuits… The brown one, the black one, which is more comfortable, which one she likes better, which one is more suitable for a fairy very godmother, etc. At which point she said, “Mama, you won’t be able to wear a swimsuit. Your tummy is too big.” Hm. thanks. (Watch my self esteem shoot through the roof after that one.)

I’ve been consoling myself with positive self-talk that she just thinks of me as perpetually pregnant. (And when you see me walking through Target with 3 kids 4 and under, it would seem that I probably am perpetually pregnant.) But really, I don’t know what’s worse. That my child thinks (and says) that my current post-pregnancy belly is big, or that she may not have even noticed that when baby #3 was born I took on a new, non-pregnant shape. You’d think that shedding 30 pounds in a few weeks’ time and regaining a lap for the kids to sit on would have at least registered with my 4-year-old who even notices that I didn’t wear earrings today.


2 thoughts on “Big bellied mama

  1. I’m STILL fighting the baby belly issue and mine is almost 2!!

    You look great!! I’m sure even though she doesn’t say it she appreciates having a lap to sit on again! 🙂


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