Mmm… I’m a domestic goddess…

I just finished a slice of warm homemade bread topped with fresh homemade strawberry-blueberry jam. That was after hanging the curtain panel I finished sewing today for the kids’ room. Which I worked on after taking the kids on a playdate, which was then followed by the ‘rock concert’ they produced outside on the neighbor’s front lawn (which is at the perfect ‘stage’ height next to ours) – they sang and danced to hits like “How much is that puppy in the window?”, “Rockin’ Robin”, and “Hit the Road Jack”. At the top of their preschool lungs. I think I should have charged our neighbors admission. Or at least a cover charge.

My goals for tomorrow? Reorganize the nursery closet, drop off donations my kids picked out for Goodwill,  churn my own butter, train for that marathon I always wanted to run, and papier mache a lifesize replica of Michaelangelo’s David.


3 thoughts on “Mmm… I’m a domestic goddess…

  1. I almost believe you until the paper mache’ part, lol. And how does one churn you own butter in this day and age? I’ve always wanted to try that (too much Laura Ingalls as a kid, I think) so I hope you post a How-Do! 😀 ~ L


  2. Deanna… you stole my judging me line!! 🙂

    Yay for you! Makes the cardboard house I built sound less than exciting now! 😦


  3. So, I have to be careful never to be eating or drinking when I read your posts…because I usually spit food and/or drink on my monitor. Paragraph 1 sounds absolutely wonderful, and was actually just how I pictured your every day life. (what i’d like to be if i ever grow up)

    (yes, I know I’m older than you, quit judging me!)

    Paragraph 2…you were doing great until you had to bring up exercise.


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