The van has been christened

It’s official. My semi-professional business-mobile minivan has been christened. It is now a soccer-mom taxi. Ages ago when I was an SUV-driving suburbanite hip mom I posted this lovely bit of YouTube-dom. For those of you who don’t want to click over, it’s “Mom my ride” – a tongue in cheek play on Pimp My Ride, only for minivan driving moms. A few short months later I tragically traded in my super-cool SUV for a white minivan. Yes, white. As if there weren’t enough white minivans on the road already to populate an entire nation.

And I kept my minivan mostly clear of any kid-related mess. No spoiled milk. No sippy cups. Crumbs cleaned up quickly, no soccer ball dents or diaper-related clutter. My minivan was for business use (well, and personal mom use too, to be fair).

But yesterday I came back to my minivan after it had been parked in the hellish heat of a parking lot for 2 hours in the middle of the day only to find melted crayon. On my leather seats. Melted yellow crayon. That’s it for me. The tide has turned. Next thing you know I’ll be cleaning up curdled milk and spilled juice boxes, picking up little plastic action figures (and their body parts), bemoaning the fact that the back seat is littered with clean diapers, coloring pages, and the occasional stale animal cracker (I say occasional only because my 2-year old is bound to find them and eat them off the floor before they go stale). The melted crayon is only the beginning.


One thought on “The van has been christened

  1. If it makes you feel any better I drive a car with a SUPERCHARGER in it.. want to know what is in the
    back seat??? Clean Diapers, toys, water cups and a baby doll! That’s just the start of the list of what is back there. One day I even managed to get 2 toddler seats and one infant seat in it.

    It’s not the car that matters… it’s the mom that drives it!


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