Yeah, so I’m a slacker

I have baby #3 (he’ll be known as Peanut for blog purposes) and I basically stop blogging. Sorry. I’ve been busy being a human pacifier and trying to sleep a few hours a day. But I wanted to share some gems with you from the older siblings. Bean is 4, Little Man is 2.

Bean: “I want to be a mama when I grow up”

Bean and Little Man’s newest game: “Help – Thank you”: Bean falls down backwards on the twin mattress on the floor of the nursery and cries out “Someone help me! I can’t get up!” Little Man pulls her up. She says thank you. Little Man falls on the mattress and cries out “Some-uh hep up! I ca up!” Bean pulls him up, he says “take-oo!” They go back and forth like that the entire time I nurse Peanut. I think it’s the best game ever.

Little Man and Bean both sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or the ABC’s whenever Peanut cries. Bean is devastated if it doesn’t make him stop crying.

Little Man’s new way of getting attention is derived from Bean’s multiple fears. Her paralyzing fear of the wind and bugs has returned with the onset of spring and Little Man has seen that it yields results in the way of attention. So now throughout the day he applies himself like glue to my leg, whining “A-fay twuk!” (I’m afraid of the truck), “A-fay lay-buh” (I’m afraid of the ladybug), or my personal favorite, “A-fay bunny”. Basically, at any point that he wants attention, he picks a random object and claims a fear of it. Don’t worry – he’s not starved for attention.

I’ve successfully kept Little Man away from pacifiers (which are now back in our house after being gone since we took them away from him in January) but Bean walked out of the nursery yesterday with 3 in her mouth.

All in all, the kids are enjoying the new addition. Peanut is well loved by all.


One thought on “Yeah, so I’m a slacker

  1. Oh, so cute. It’s really good to have a new blog from you, and to hear that all is well (though sleep-depriving) at your home. For some reason the thing that struck me as the funniest was the image of Bean walking out with the nooks. =)


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