Prodromal labor

Apparently I’ve been in prodromal labor for weeks now. It’s gotten really active over the last 5 days. It’s this ridiculous starting and stopping of labor. Let me explain. The baby hasn’t dropped yet (even though I’m past 40 weeks!). But I keep having contractions. I’m not talking about Braxton-Hicks, I’m talking about real, start in the back radiate to the abdomen, last at least 30 seconds and require serious concentration and relaxation techniques to get through them. And they come every 6-8 minutes, then ever 4-5 minutes, gradually intensifying and getting longer and longer. Just like I’m actually in active labor. They don’t stop when I change positions like they would if it was false labor.

But they’re 100% unproductive. And eventually, they just stop. Out of the clear blue. They trick me. Every time. Like this morning. I was awakened with a really strong contraction around 4. And they kept coming. At first every 9 minutes, before long it was every 5 minutes, and they were nearly unbearable. I moved around, I tried relaxation, tried to sleep. Soon, I was convinced (and very happily so) that today would be the day. So I got up and showered, started putting toiletries in the hospital bag. And around 8:00, after 4 hours of being in what I would call labor, the contractions stopped.

And here I am, disappointed. Again. Apparently, says the midwife, it’s not unheard of for a woman’s body to kick-start labor, only to fail. And then keep trying. Again and again and again. For weeks on end. There’s something rather sadistic about that, at least as I see it. Maybe if the baby would drop I could go into active labor. But then, it might take active labor to get the baby to drop. There’s something disturbingly chicken-and-eggish about this. So now I ask, can someone please get my baby out? Or will he really be stuck there till college?


2 thoughts on “Prodromal labor

  1. The same exact thing happened to me every baby! I had wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night contraction, you-have-to-breathe-through-them contractions, ouch-this-isn’t-funny-and-really-hurts contractions. And then they would stop. It is exhausting! I can empathize with you. It’s physically exhausting and emotionally exhausting.

    This is why my OB induced me as soon as my body seemed ready — around 38 weeks with some, later with one daughter. And because I was thinned and beginning to dilate, it’s just like my body needed a jumpstart to get going. All it took was prostaglandin gel on my cervix, and things started for real.


  2. I thought you were going to be induced after 40 wks? WHat is up with that?
    I went trhu the same thing with my first two. At 41 weeks with Abby, I started losing amniotic fluid and they induced me the next day. And with Becca, at 41wks, I got a terrible virus and became so sick that I was dehydrated and had to be rushed to the hosiptal. I tiod them I wasn’t going home until they took the baby out. Luckily, the sickness started my labor, and when the Dr. came in I was at four. Anyway, I feel your pain. Trust me it will end. I love you,


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