MRI results impending

I’ve called the doctor’s office every day since Liam’s MRI. Every day they’ve told me the same thing… The doctor is in surgery, someone will call you when he gets out of surgery. (I have a feeling he’s gotten out of surgery a few times since I started calling. Just a hunch.)

Today they called back. “It’s nothing to be alarmed about, but the doctor will need to discuss this with you in person.” And somehow, that shouldn’t be alarming. So again we wait. Until April 2nd. I’ve been having some pretty strong contractions since I got the phone call. But at this point I don’t know if they’re labor contractions, another bout of false labor, or just pure stress wrecking havoc on my body. But since my little false labor episode, I’m not letting contractions get my hopes up.

Now if only I can keep this baby’s birth from interfering with Little Man’s appointment with the neurosurgeon next week, and Bean’s birthday 2 days after that.


5 thoughts on “MRI results impending

  1. I used to read your blog very regularly, but haven’t been reading any much lately. I thought I would catch up a bit in the 2 min I have before I have to run. Just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you, your family (unborn too of course!), and the doctors.



  2. Oh Holy God, pour soothing rain on my sister’s soul. Wash all of her worries away; into your son’s hand. When her heart is calm, rock her in your arms and grant her sleep for her soul. May she rest in your arms and may peace flow like a river into life. Keep the evil one and his angels away from my sister’s thoughts and arm her with your word like never before. May she remain strong and plant her feet in your promises. In her weakness, you are strong.

    I love you, my sister.


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