What a day!

I woke up yesterday and grinned. I was having contractions every 6 minutes. Angels were singing in my bedroom. I got up and finished packing the diaper bag, and by then the contractions were coming every 5 minutes. Oh happy day!

But wouldn’t you know it? My very last contraction came as I walked through the door of the hospital. Yes, performance anxiety must have set in. It was declared to be false labor, and after several hours of monitoring and a handful of tests, I was sent home, mostly contraction-free.

Hopefully this is a sign that actual labor is imminent. But, I won’t complain if it waits another day – today is Liam’s MRI, and it would be awfully inconvenient for my water to break while my toddler is fully anesthetized.


2 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. My third child pulled an April Fool’s Day trick on me and pretended like he was actually going to be born that day. 🙂 I spent a few hours in the hospital hooked up to monitors before I went home. He came 5 days later.

    Yeah, it would definitely not be the best timing for you to go into labor while your toddler is knocked out.


  2. “Do you think if we all push down on my belly this kid will come out?”

    Haha, I’m still laughing about that. He must have heard us!

    Why is it that contractions are so stong until you get to the hospital/Dr.’s office? Baby’s not even born yet and he’s already playing games with you!!


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