MRI update

Today was the big day, and a big day it was. A stressful, hard day. And we’re very happy that it’s over.

I think this was his hardest MRI so far. First off, he knew where we were, he knew why we were there, and he remembered what happens there. As if that memory and anticipation wasn’t hard enough, they were delayed by 2 hours. And 2 hours for a very scared boy who hasn’t been allowed to eat or drink is an eternity.

When they were finally ready for him, we got the ‘best’ nurse for his IV, but she failed twice. After that she called in the “IV team” – they thankfully got him on their first try. But the whole ordeal of putting in the IV took over 45 minutes of traumatic screaming.

The good news is that this time there were no complications – once sedated he skated through the MRI and woke up easily. He’s a trooper.


6 thoughts on “MRI update

  1. We’re still waiting for the results. I was hoping to get them Thursday or Friday, but no joy. Hopefully on Monday they’ll be able to tell me something.


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