WFMW: Little Girls’ handwashing

Bean and I fight through the day. She hates to wash her hands. I don’t know why and I don’t remember when it started. But we have certain rules – hands have to be washed after using the bathroom, after going outside, and before eating. It’s been this way for ages – literally, we started it before she was old enough to protest.

But, solution found this week!!! (Drumroll please?) Fancy soaps! She has a little butterfly bar of soap in the downstairs bath and a flower soap in the upstairs bath. I don’t even have to remind her to wash hands anymore. She does it on her own, and she’ll even come and find me if I’m not with her to ask me to help her turn the water on if she can’t reach it. No prompting, no fighting, no rewards necessary. Just pretty soap. Yeah! Thank goodness our local dollar store carries a variety!

Head over to Shannon’s place at Rocks in My Dryer for more helpful tips.


3 thoughts on “WFMW: Little Girls’ handwashing

  1. Great idea! I sometimes have this problem with our 4-year old, Amy. She doesn’t mind washing her hands… she just forgets to do it on a regular basis!! She LOVES pretty things- soaps, lotions, etc… this is a great tip that I have a feeling will work really well for us, too!

    Thanks for sharing!


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