Cutest. boy. ever.

Little Man just learned a new trick. He runs up to someone, scratches his chin, and says “hmmm…”

It’s adorable. Of course, after doing it to one person, he then has to run around and show off his new ‘skill’ to everyone. I think what makes it even better is that it’s always preceded by a little jump. He knows how to get attention.


2 thoughts on “Cutest. boy. ever.

  1. I cannot wait to see you. We are leaving tomorrow and will arrive Sat night. We are staying at my dad’s until next Friday. WHat do you think about coming out to my dad’s on Sunday afternoon? If not, let’s get together Wednesday if possible. I will check my e-mail tomorrow before I leave. If you don’t hear from me call me on my cell.
    Love you, J


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