Well, the Mac is at least. My beloved  Macbook had an unfortunate encounter this morning with a full glass of water. And, surprisingly, my Mac doesn’t like to drink water as much as I do.

But it’s all good. Hubs is a genius and he was able to resurrect my Mac with finesse, and rather quickly too. I’m afraid the Macbook may have a hangover though. Or at least I hope it’s as temporary as a hangover. The I and O buttons don’t work and the mouse button isn’t playing nice with others. I’m using a bluetooth keyboard and USB mouse now, but hoping my Mac will fully recover if I give it enough rest in a dry land…


One thought on “Recovering

  1. My Macbook encountered the same problem last week when Ashlyn spilled a full glass of water on it. We let it completely dry out (over about 3 days) and then turned it on. We’ve had no ill-effects so far! Gotta love those Macs!!!


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