Note to self

… When running a business, contracts are in place for a purpose. They aren’t just decorative items to adorn the filing cabinet… They need to actually have signatures on them if they’ll ever help said business…

Running a business is hard work. It’s been a rough day – one in which I’ve learned that not everyone is as trustworthy and nice and honest as I’d expect. Lessons learned.


4 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Gosh Deanna!!! Way to go!


    I’m sorry you are having business issues! Hopefully you can get it resolved very quickly!


  2. hey wow – see, you have more than one friend that will take said clients out back and beat them… πŸ™‚

    What happened?

    Oh wait, this isn’t because I had to cancel today… is it? πŸ™‚


  3. I’ve done a lot of business over the years on a handshake and a lot by contract. I think it’s a lot about what type of business you’re in and whether you really get to know your customers and suppliers.

    But you’re right, contracts are really about what happens when things go wrong.


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