Little Man has his next MRI tomorrow morning. That means fasting from 4AM, with no clear liquids after 8AM. Hate that. But what I hate worse is the IV anesthetic. Thankfully I have a wonderful hubby who canceled a business trip so that I wouldn’t have to do this alone.

1 Peter 3:7 says something about the wife being the ‘weaker’ partner in the marriage. I’m tempted to take offense at that, but on days like this, I take great comfort in the fact that I have hubbs’ strong shoulder to lean on, and I have the freedom to be weak.  It really is an awesome concept.

And really, once we get through the inserting of the IV in Little Man’s rolling veins (I’m praying that they get it on the first stick), the next big hurdle is waiting for the phone call from the neurosurgeon. I’m thinking we’ll hear something in 2 days – on Valentine’s Day. I’m not too worried – he’s been developing well, growing well, and his head growth has slowed down into the normal range. His seizures have stopped, and he seems mostly like any normal 2-yr old.

God is good. I’m just hoping and praying He amazes the doctors tomorrow with His goodness – may they all be shockede at the overwhelming good results from the MRI!


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