I’ve created a monster

… in Thomas PJ’s. Last week we bought Little Man a pair of Thomas PJ’s. 2 pair, really, but he hasn’t seen the second pair yet. You see, he’s so excited about the ones we showed him first (just 2 days ago – it took a while to get them washed and put away), that he won’t wear anything else.

Yesterday morning when we tried to take the Thomas PJ’s off and put him in regular day-time clothes, he clawed at the carpet trying to escape from us and be re-united with his beloved jammies. So the shirt went back on with a pair of non-Thomas pants. That was the best compromise we could make. At bedtime last night, we let him put the Thomas PJ pants back on (with the Thomas shirt that hasn’t really left his back since it went on 2 days ago). But this morning, the dilemma resumes. He just won’t take those jammies off. I’m considering letting him wear them today, and then at bath time tonight making them disappear. Possibly for good.

I love that he’s attached to them, but I’d rather not do battle every time it’s time to wash them. So tell me, moms and dads. Is it bad parenting to let your toddler wear jammies during the day (in public, no less)? Or does it just fall into the category of not being a super-mom who dresses her kids in perfectly coordinated magazine-model outfits day in and day out? ‘Cause I’ve gotten over the fact that I’m not that super-mom. But does letting him wear jammies make me a lazy mom?


2 thoughts on “I’ve created a monster

  1. I agree, we need a picture. Mostly because I don’t want to get those EXACT PJ’s for mine. He does the same thing most days. Really, I think it’s because he likes jammies more, though. Make sure they’re clean. Otherwise, who cares? personally, I’d let him wash his on shirt WHEN you put him in the tub, then he can see that they’re wet, need time to dry, etc. I dunno. I might not do that, too. My guy would freak. Still, it’s an option…


  2. yes you are a loser and you should never do that. is that what you want to hear? please, relax, I promise he won’t want to wear them forever, but do tell him that you have to wash them and he can wear them when they are clean. But that means he will have to wear something else in the meantime. You will know then if he is manipultaing you or not by the reaction he gives. Heck, let him wear them all he wants, as long as they are clean. THat is my motto!
    Please, take a pictue!


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