This is where I was last night

And then here. It was an awesome night. John McCain’s rally was all kinds of exciting. (It may not look so exciting from the picture, but this was the best I could do, since all the good pictures online were locked into flash slideshows.)  I saw the future leader of the free world. Commander in Chief. El Presidente. O Captain, my Captain. (I could go on, but I’ll stop there. You get the point.)

Interestingly, there was a band of Ron Paul supporters outside the event. They were friendly enough as we walked in, but as we were leaving they started haggling us. It wanted to make me say “My candidate can beat yours up!” Or perhaps “Go support a candidate who has a chance!” Maybe not the most mature response… Good thing I kept my mouth shut. But just as we were crossing the street away from them, one of Ron Paul’s cronies yelled “Jesus loves you!” I appreciate that. I know He does. But I also know that He loves the unborn babies that Ron Paul supports abortion for – the same ones that John McCain fights to defend.

I’m off my soap-box now. Did I mention that I saw John McCain? In person. Sure, it was through a crowded room, barely close enough for me to make out which one he was. But we were in the very same room. O Captain, my Captain…


4 thoughts on “This is where I was last night

  1. I clicked the link to the Brazilian steakhouse. Cool. But I don’t see chicken hearts on their menu. 🙂 They serve those in Brazilian steakhouses. And actually in a churrascaria (sp?) the waiters come around with cuts of meat and you eat and eat and eat until you want to puke. And it’s super-cheap.

    I’ve also read that Ron Paul is sort of anti-big-government, so he’s sort of for as few laws as possible. So h isn’t for any national legislation that would be anti-abortion or pro-life. I agree, Kathy, I think that makes him pro-choice by default.

    I’ve noticed that John McCain is labeled as pro-choice by Christian voter-guides. But when I looked at his actual voting record, he voted in a pro-life way far more than he voted in a pro-choice way. But he did do some flip-flops that didn’t make sense to me, but I didn’t have the full bill to read to understand.


  2. That’s curious. I just got a pamphlet in the mail where he unequivocally states he’s pro-life. The same pamphlet also mentions John McCain as not being 100% pro-life.

    I’m tired of politics, I tell you!


  3. I looked it up on his website. He never says that he wants to abort unborn babies, but he doesn’t believe the government should interfere. By default, that makes him pro-choice.


  4. I’m interested to hear where you heard about Ron Paul’s position on abortion. My understanding was that he didn’t support it.


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